Pricing Policy

Tariffs for accommodation and sites are reviewed annually and included as part of Council's fees and charges register each year. These are advertised for a mandatory two-month period and will come into effect soon after the 1st of July each year.

Maximum Site Numbers

1 bedroom units can accommodate a maximum of four people utilising a fold out sofa-bed in the lounge area whilst the studio apartment can accommodate a maximum of two people.

Powered site/camp sites/unpowered sites - The number of persons is generally restricted to six per site with a maximum of two tents.

Long-Stay Guests (permanent)

We do not provide any permanent on-site accommodation at Dowerin Short Stay Accommodation.

Maximum length of stay

Maximum length of stay is 3 months. Guests need to request special approval from the Shire of Dowerin, including proving residential home address, if seeking to stay beyond 3 months.

Lost Property

The Shire of Dowerin maintains a lost property register. Items are stored for three months. Claimants are to provide the date the item lost, if known, and a detailed description of the item, i.e. colour, brand, distinctive markings, etc.).  Once the three-month period has lapsed, at the Shire's discretion, unclaimed items may be:

  • Given to charity; or
  • Destroyed

Refund Policy

Refunds of deposits and fees paid are available under the following circumstances:

Caravan Site 

All Cancellations are refundable, less a $10 administration fee. 


All Cancellations are refundable, less a $30 administration fee. 

Early Departure Tariff Refund

Refunds of paid tariffs are generally not permitted. No refunds apply for early departure due to weather conditions.

If a guest chooses to depart prior to their departure date, no refund of tariff will be permitted, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as illness, etc. They may make a written application for a refund, which will be considered and approved if appropriate by the CEO, Shire of Dowerin.

Incidents and hazards

The park and patrons will be covered by the Shire’s public liability insurance. Any incidents must be reported to the Shire of Dowerin as soon as practicable after the incident.  If a hazard is noticed, please ensure the hazard is also reported to assist us to provide the safest environment for our guests.


Pets are allowed in the park in off-peak times. Council will set the periods when dogs are allowed from time to time.

Terms and conditions:

  • Small pets permitted on sites only.
  • No pets in or near studios/units at any time.
  • Pet approval must be obtained when booking and decision is at Shire's discretion.
  • Pets must be kept on a lead at all times whilst within the park.
  • No excessive noise, including barking is allowed.
  • Pets are prohibited from amenities and camp kitchens.
  • All mess must immediately be removed and disposed of.
  • No pet is to be left unattended.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed into the park, providing that the owner of the dog has supporting documentation from a relevant authority or association. If there is no supporting documentation, the Shire is under no obligation to accept the dog as a guest in the park.

Smoking (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes etc.)

Please note that all buildings (units, camp kitchen and ablutions), play area, verandas and entry points are designated non-smoking areas. Whilst smoking in other areas is permissible, smokers are reminded to dispose of their cigarette butts thoughtfully.