Delve into our local history

The Story of Dowerin began in the late 1800’s and what was once established as a watering hole and resting place for prospectors enroute to the Goldfields is now a vibrant farming town rich and diverse in history.

Open upon appointment, the Dowerin Museum tells the story of the local O’Shaughnessy Family and offers a rare insight into how settlers lived in a genuine cottage complete with furnishings and artefacts from around the district. Stroll through the house and wander into the backyard to reveal a reconstructed saddlery and shed complete with blacksmiths and saddlery tools. Contact the Shire Office on (08) 9631 1202 to arrange a viewing and arrange in advance to ensure one of our local volunteers is on hand to guide you through the facility.

Fancy a short drive around the district? Once a bustling town, Minnivale is a spine-tingling example of the decline of rural communities but is now home to a spectacular array of wildflowers from July to October. Only a short 5km from the Dowerin town site, idling through Minnivale today you will see the brick store built in 1921 still displaying advertisements from times gone by, the picturesque Minnivale Church and the old baker’s oven still standing in the main street.

A new history is emerging in Minnivale with the development of the Wheatbelt Heritage Rail Interpretative Centre based out of the former CBH Wheat Bin. The former CBH facility now houses a collection of restored carriages and rolling stock which played an important role in the grain story of the district. View by appointment only, please contact the Shire of Dowerin for further information.